Using a Public Key for SFTP Transfer

Download the public key on the Vocera Platform, and then save the key to the authorized_keys file on the remote storage server.

  1. Select Set Automatic Backup in the System Backups page.
    The Setup an automatic backup page displays.
  2. Click Download Public Key in the Setup an automatic backup page.
    The key file appears in the system's Downloads folder.
  3. On the server where you wish to store the backup files, use the command line program to navigate to the home directory for the user who will manage SFTP backups.
  4. Locate the user's .ssh folder: /home/username/.ssh
    If needed, create an .ssh folder for the SFTP backups on the remote server as follows:
    1. Navigate to /home/user.
    2. Execute the following command line: ssh-keygen –t dsa
    3. Press the Enter key twice to create the .ssh folder.
  5. Save the public key to the authorized_keys file on the remote storage server, as follows:
    1. On the remote storage server, execute the following command: sudo nano .ssh/authorized_keys
    2. Navigate to the Vocera system's Download folder, then open and copy the contents of the downloaded public key file:
    3. Paste the contents of into the authorized_keys file.
      Paste the contents on only one line, and do not allow breaks between spaces.
    4. Save and close the authorized_keys file.
Next, configure the SFTP Backup settings in Automatic Backups to enable the system backup file transfer. Refer to Configuring an SFTP Transfer of a Backup for details.