Downloading a System Backup

Download a system backup file to the Vocera system for access.

You can download a copy of a backup file to the Vocera system in order to transfer the file to secure storage. See your System Administrator for assistance with designated storage locations.

  1. Navigate to System Backups in the Settings page of the Vocera Platform Web Console.
    The System Backups page appears.
  2. Locate the system backup file that you wish to download in the Available Backups list.
  3. Select Download in the Actions column.

    A copy of the file is downloaded to the system's configured download location.
  4. Locate the system backup file. In this example, the file is saved in the Downloads folder on the Vocera appliance.

  5. Manage the downloaded backup file as desired. For example, you may wish to transfer the system backup file to your designated storage location.