Configuring a Database Optimization Schedule

Configure a vacuuming schedule to optimize the Vocera system's database performance.

By default, database vacuuming is scheduled to occur at 4:20 a.m. daily. You can select a daily or weekly optimization schedule, and configure the hour and minute settings.

  1. Navigate to System Backups in the Settings page of the Vocera Platform Web Console.
    The System Backups page appears.
  2. Select Configure Database Optimization in the System Backups page.
    The Database Optimization page displays.
  3. Click Edit in the Database Optimization page.
    The Edit Database Optimization dialog displays.

  4. Define the settings for a database optimization schedule in the Edit Database Optimization dialog.
    Parameter Description
    Vacuum Frequency

    Select an option from the dropdown list to perform the optimization daily or weekly.

    The default selection is Daily.

    When weekly vacuuming is selected, the Day of Week field displays.

    Day of Week

    Use the arrow to select the day of the week for the vacuuming to occur.

    When weekly vacuuming is selected in the Vacuum Frequency field, this Day of Week field displays.


    Select the minute from the dropdown list for the vacuuming to occur, if desired.


    Select the hour from the dropdown list for the vacuuming to occur.

  5. Select an option to exit the Edit Database Optimization dialog:
    • Select Update to save your changes and implement the new schedule.
    • Select Cancel to exit the page without changing the current optimization schedule.
    A success or failure message displays when Update is selected. This example displays a successful schedule update message.