Configuring the Automatic Backup General Settings

Specify local machine backup options, an optimization schedule, data purging, or enable Kerberos keytab and Voice database backups in the general settings in Automatic Backups.

  1. Select Set Automatic Backup in the System Backups page.
    The Setup an automatic backup page displays.

  2. Configure the settings in the Setup an automatic backup dialog.
    Field Description
    Appliance Type

    Select the system that you wish to configure for backups. By default, Primary is selected.

    Select Secondary if you are logged into a system that will serve as a backup repository for Vocera files. This disables the backup functionality on the system, however, the number of backups to retain and the scheduled time for backup/cleanup can be configured.

    Enable Daily Local Backup Select this checkbox if you wish to store the database backup files on the local machine.
    Number of backups to retain

    Enter the number of backups to retain.

    The number of backups feature cannot be disabled; by default, the last 10 backups will be retained, however, you can retain as few as 1 or as many as 365 backup files.

    Daily backup / Cleanup time

    Select the hour (and minute, if desired) that the automatic backup will occur each day.

    Daily backups optimally should be performed during periods of low use, and in many facilities this may be between 01:00am and 03:00am. The daily backup time should be discussed with each facility to align with their resources, policies, and needs.

    Enable data purging

    Select this checkbox to delete the backed-up data from the local machine. This applies when an automatic backup is configured.

    When this option is selected, the Enable local daily backup box is checked and disabled automatically.

    This option is not available without enabling automatic backups, and once enabled, automatic backups cannot be disabled.

    Enable Kerberos keytab backup Select this checkbox to create backups of the Kerberos authentication's keytab files when performing system backups.
    Enable Voice database backup Select this checkbox to create backups of the Voice database when performing system backups.
  3. Select one of the following to exit the Setup an automatic backup dialog:
    • Select Apply to save and implement the configuration choices.
    • Select Cancel to exit the page without changing the existing configuration.