Accessing the System Backups List

A list of the system backups retained on your Vocera system displays in the Available Backups table.

The latest backup file displays at the bottom of the list. When the number of backup files exceeds the configured maximum limit for your installation, the oldest file is deleted.

  1. Navigate to System Backups in the Settings section of the Vocera Platform Web Console.
    The System Backups page appears.

  2. Review the Available Backups table to understand the fields displayed in the backups list.
    Field Description
    Name Displays the system generated name of the created backup file. The backup files are .tar, .tar.gz, or .backup file types.
    Size Displays the size of the created backup file.
    Date Displays the date on which the backup file was created as a system generated datetime.
    Actions Select an option to download or restore the specified backup file, as needed.

    Select Download to save the backup file for storage.

    Select Restore to overwrite the current backup with the selected backup.

What to do next: Use one of the options in this page to configure database optimizaton, upload a saved file, set an automatic backup, restore a backup, or perform a manual backup. For instructions, refer to the System Backups documentation.