Assigning Roles and Linking Groups

Assign functional roles and create groups to synchronize your single or multiple bed locations, functional roles, and assignments with the help of the Assignment Group Sync adapter in the Vocera Platform Web Console.

  1. Navigate to Adapters in the Settings section of the navigation bar in the
  2. Locate the AssignmentGroupSync adapter and click on the adapter to display the AssignementGroupSync Adapter page
    The AssignementGroupSync Adapter page displays.
  3. Click on Link Groups and Required Rules on the bottom right hand side of the adapter page to export the .CSV file so that you can re-import this file after verification.
    The Create and Link Groups and Required Roles dialog box appears.

  4. In the Create and Link Groups and Required Roles dialog box enter a value for the following fields:
    • Specify the facility, location, and functional role regular expressions (regex) that will be used to identify the locations and functional roles.
    • Specify the mapping values associated with the Facility, Location, and Role regular expressions fields to be used in the Group name.
    • Specify the values for The Group Name Template. This field is used to generate the Group Name for a Location/Role pair. The acceptable place-holders are #{Facility}, #{Location}, and #{Role}. The group will be placed in the selected facility.
    • Select the checkbox at the bottom of the dialog box to filter the rows where the groups and required role already exist and are linked.

    For more information, refer to Linking Groups and Required Roles section in the Vocera Assignment Group Sync Adapter documentation.

  5. Click Download CSV File to download the GroupsandRoles.CSV files to your computer.
  6. Open the downloaded GroupsandRoles.CSV file and validate the information in this file.
    • The Remove Users on Logout column in the GroupsandRoles.CSV can be set to "True" if you wish to remove a group member on logout.
    • The Member Domain Group and Facility for Member Domain Group can be filled in to allow users within the group to Add or Remove themselves from groups.
  7. Click Upload tab to display the Upload Assignment Group Mappings dialog box.
  8. Click Select File to select and upload the validated GroupsandRoles.CSV file from your computer.

    The following screenshot displays the GroupsAndRoles.CSV file uploaded to the system.

  9. Click Upload CSV File to upload the GroupsandRoles.CSV to the system.
    A success message displays to confirm that the upload process is completed. For example, the following screenshot shows a success message that displayed after uploading the GroupsandRoles.CSV file.