Grammars for Facilities

Partitioning a deployment into facilities improves speech recognition, because each facility has its own dynamic grammar, which is the largest component of the recognition space.

When a device user speaks a command, Vocera attempts to process it by combining the dynamic grammar of a single facility with several smaller grammars. Specifically, Vocera searches the following grammars while processing a device user utterance:

Vocera always includes the static grammar, the grammar of the Global facility, and the device user's personal grammar while processing the voice commands. However, Vocera includes the dynamic grammar of only a single facility, not the grammars of each facility, while processing the command.

For example, suppose the Central Pacific Resort deployment has two facilities—Carmel and Monterey—in addition to the Global facility. If a device user in Carmel issues the command, "Call Adda Turner", Vocera uses the following grammars to process it:

Figure 1. Grammars used at the Carmel facility Grammars used at the Carmel facility

Contacting a device user at a remote facility is a two-step process. For example, suppose the Carmel user in the previous example wants to call Adda Turner, but Adda's home facility is Monterey. The user needs to speak two commands to place this call:

  1. Connect to Monterey.

  2. Call Adda Turner.

Vocera searches the dynamic grammar of the Carmel facility—the current facility of the user placing the call—to process the first command. After receiving the "Connect to" command, however, Vocera searches the dynamic grammar of the Monterey facility, as shown in the following illustration:

Figure 2. Grammars used after connecting to the Monterey facility Grammars used after connecting to the Monterey facility

When a person places a telephone call to the hunt group number or the DID number of the Vocera system, the telephony Genie prompts the caller to say the name of the person or group, or enter an extension. Vocera processes the caller's response to the telephony Genie as follows:

See the Working with Multiple Facilities (in Telephony guide) for more information