Removing a Page

You can permanently remove a configuration page from an existing workflow.

Once removed, the workflow's configuration page is no longer available to the Vocera Platform, and you cannot retrieve the workflow page and related data.

To remove a workflow page, follow these steps:

  1. Select a workflow from the Workflows list. In this example, select the AdminMenu workflow.
    The workflow's details display.
  2. Select a workflow configuration page. For example, select End User Menu Copy1 page to remove.
    The Update Page configuration options display for the selected workflow page.
  3. Select Remove in the Update Page menu.
    Warning: Removing this page may cause unexpected results in the system. Please make sure that you really want to perform this action before pressing "Ok". Once the page has been removed there will be no way of retrieving its data.
    The following system generated warning message displays:

  4. Click Ok to proceed with removing the page.
    A success or failure message displays at the top of the selected workflow's configuration section.
  5. Verify if the page was removed.
    For example, if you removed the End User Menu Copy1 page successfully, the thumbnail icon for this page is no longer displayed in the Pages section as shown in the following screenshot.