Cloning a Page

Use an existing workflow page to create a new workflow page that should have similar characteristics.

The new workflow page is created with the same name as the original workflow page, with 'Copy' and the number of the current copy appended. Once created, rename the cloned page and configure it to perform a needed function.

  1. Select a workflow from the Workflows list.
    The workflow's details display.
  2. Select a workflow configuration page. In this example, select the End User Menu page.
    The Update Page configuration options display for the selected workflow page.
  3. Select Clone in the configuration page.
    A success or failure message displays at the top of the configuration section, and the new page displays in the Pages section.
  4. Select the new page icon in the workflow's Pages section. The clone is displayed at the bottom of the list of page icons. In this example, select the End User Menu Copy1 page.
Rename the cloned page, and edit it to perform the needed functionality. See Editing a Page for details.