Working With Workflow Pages

Create a new page, or view the configuration details of a selected workflow page and the options provided to manage the page. You can edit, remove, or clone the selected page.

The configuration pages in the workflow's Pages section are icons; click an icon to edit the page. Drag and drop the page icons to organize the workflow's pages in this section.

The icon order is only useful for logical organization in this section, with the exception of the first page icon. The first page icon shown after the Add a New Page icon will present the page that is first accessed in the workflow. In this example, the content defined in the End User Menu page will appear first when a user's device receives data via the AdminMenu workflow.

  1. Select a workflow from the Workflows list.
    The workflow's details display.
  2. Select a workflow configuration page. In this example, select the End User Menu page.
    The Update Page configuration options display for the selected workflow page.
  3. Manage the configuration details for the selected workflow page in the Update Page dialog as needed.