Configuring the Workflows Settings

Define the default stylesheet and browser page display for all workflows.

Users with roles that have Advanced Support policies applied can set the default workflow configuration described here.

To configure workflow settings, follow these steps:

  1. Select Configure Settings in the Workflows menu.
    The Workflow Settings page displays.

  2. Use the following information to define default settings to apply to all workflows.
    Field Description
    Default Stylesheet

    Select the stylesheet to display in the web browser of the user's device when a workflow is utilized. The options are:

    • blank; this option will present the default stylesheet unless a specific stylesheet is configured for an individual workflow.
    • blue
    • slate
    • default; this option presents the configured default stylesheet.
    Default Workflow Page

    Select the workflow page to display when a workflow is utilized.

    This option provides a dropdown list of workflows configured on the system. Select one workflow from this list.

  3. Select one of the following to exit the Workflow Settings configuration dialog:
    • Cancel — to return to the Workflows page without making a change.
    • \Update — to save the configuration settings to the system.