Cloning a Workflow

Use an existing workflow to create an identical copy that can then be edited to create a new workflow with similar characteristics.

Instead of creating an entirely new workflow, you can quickly modify the clone of an existing workflow. Using a clone as a template can save time and effort needed to create a workflow, depending on the amount of modification required to meet the specifications in the new workflow.

To clone a workflow, follow these steps:

  1. Select a workflow from the Workflows list. In this example, select the AdminMenu workflow.
    The AdminMenu workflow details display.
  2. Select Clone in the workflow menu.
    A success or failure message displays at the top of the Workflows page.
  3. Verify the status of the clone creation process. In this example, the 'AdminMenuCopy1' workflow is created.
    When successful, the new workflow appears in the list in alphabetical order. A new workflow is created with the same name as the original workflow, with 'Copy' and the number of the current copy appended.
Rename the cloned workflow, and edit it to perform the needed functionality. See Editing a Workflow for details.