Adding a Policy Item

A system administrator can add policy items to a security policy and customize the security policy.

Before you begin:

Review the available policy items and configurable values for the policy items described in the Understanding Security Policy Items.

  1. Navigate to Policies in the Security section, and click on a security policy from the list.

    The selected security policy page displays.

  2. Click Add item to add policy items to the security policy.
  3. Click the arrow head next to the Policy Item Type field to display the available policy item types.

  4. Select one of the following to close the security policy page:
    • Add — to add the selected policy item to the security policy.

      For example, the following screenshot shows the PIN authentication policy item selected for the "Group Admin Security Policy ."

      If you selected Add, the policy item is added to the security policy and system displays a success message to confirm the addition of the policy item.

    • Cancel — to return to the security policy page without adding the policy item.
What to do next:
After you add a policy item, you can: