Editing a Security Policy

A system administrator can revise an existing security policy and change the name and description of a security policy.

You cannot change the name and description for the Default security policy, but you can add or remove policy items from the Default security policy.

  1. Click Policies in the Security section.
    The Security Policies page displays with a list of existing security policies in alphabetical order.
  2. Select the security policy that you wish to revise and click the Edit button on the top right hand corner.
    For example, select an existing policy to edit, such as the policy named "Group Admin Security Policy" shown here, and click the Edit button.

    The Update Security Policy page displays with fields that you can revise.
  3. Revise the Name or Description fields in the Update Security Policy page.
    Configuration Field Description


    Enter a name that uniquely identifies the new security policy in the system.


    Enter a description defining the purpose of the new security policy.

  4. Select one of the following to close the Update Security Policy page:
    • Update — to save the changes to the policy in the system.
    • Cancel — to return to the Security Policies page without making any changes.