Creating a Security Policy

A system administrator can create a customized security policy and assign this policy to a role or multiple roles.

  1. Navigate to Policies in the Security section, and click New Security Policy.
    The Create a New Security Policy page displays.

  2. Complete the configuration fields for the new security policy.
    Configuration Field Description


    Enter a unique name to identify the new security policy in the system.

    For example, if you are creating a policy for Group Admin to add or remove group members who can access all Web Console features. You can enter a name, such as,"Group Admin." The Security Policy suffix is automatically added to the name of a policy.


    Enter a descriptive definition of the purpose of the new security policy.

  3. Select one of the following to close the Create a New Security Policy dialog:
    • Create — to save the new security policy to the system.
    • Cancel — to return to the security policy list without saving the new security policy.

    If you selected Create, the new security policy is created and a success message displays. For example, the following screenshot shows a success message displayed after a policy named "Group Admin Security Policy" is created.

    You can edit or delete this policy from the Web Console if needed.