Searching for Users

You can use the Web Console Search bar to locate users in a specific facility or across all facilities in the system.

System administrators may need to locate users across facilities to add, remove, or configure settings for users.

  1. Click Users in the Manage section.
    All users in the default All Facilities are displayed.
  2. Enter one of the following in the Search bar:
    • Username
    • First Name
    • Last Name

    As you start entering the Username, First Name, or Last Name, the search immediately pulls any records for these fields and displays the information.

    For example, if you entered two letters, "ch" in the Search bar, the Web Console Search feature quickly searches for all users with the letters "ch" in their first name, last name, or username and displays all matching records in the User Search Results.

  3. Toggle the Facility selector and select the facility in which you want to locate a user