Searching for AP Locations

You can filter search results based on location names, descriptions, and MAC address field values.

The Search feature in Vocera Platform Web Console is especially helpful in large deployments with multiple facilities and multiple access point locations.

You can refine your search to view results based on the values you entered for the location name, description, and MAC address fields of an AP Location. Similarly, you can use the same criteria to search for AP locations within a specific facility.

Use one of the following ways to search for AP Locations:

  • Enter a character for Location Name or Description field values in the Search field to display search results on all AP Locations in all facilities.
  • Enter a MAC address in the Search field to find an AP location that contains this MAC address value.
  • Toggle the Facility selector in the Action bar to sort and display a list of AP Locations associated with a specific facility.

    For example, if you toggled the Facility selector and chose a facility named "Metropolitan Medical Center", the Search feature will display results for all AP Locations in this Facility.

  • Toggle the Facility selector to select a specific facility and enter a character to search AP Locations based on Location Name, Description, or the MAC address value.

    For example, if you selected a facility named, "Metropolitan Medical Center", and start typing, "8th" in the Search bar. The AP Location Search Result displays all AP Location records matching this information, as shown in the following screenshot.