Importing Beds, Rooms, and Departments

Import data related to beds, rooms, and departments (unit) to Vocera system.

Before you import Beds, Rooms, and Units (departments) data, you must enable the data update rules. For information on enabling data update rules for beds, see Enabling Matching Rules for Import.
Note: The imported CSV file displays a Unit column that represents Departments that you are importing.
  1. Navigate to Bulk Imports in the navigation bar and select the Beds radio button in the Import section.
  2. Click the Browse button to browse your computer and upload or drag-and-drop your Beds.CSV file.
    System validates the imported CSV file contents and displays Validation Results with information on the data processed. For example, for the Beds-sa.CSV file, the system might display the number of rows processed and the information on Beds formatted properly for the import action.

  3. Click Done to exit out of the Validation Results dialog box.
  4. Navigate back to Facilities and click on the facility that you created for Staff Assignment in Step 2.

    The staff assignment facility page displays with departments and room information associated with this facility.

    For example, the following screenshot displays the department names and number of rooms imported and automatically updated to the "Staff Assignment Facility 1".

    You can also click on each department for this facility and view the rooms and bed count associated with the department.