Creating Locations

Depending on your Staff Assignment requirements you can create single or multiple bed locations.

  1. To create single bed locations, enable the Beds dataset rules as described in Enabling Matching Rules for Import.
  2. To create multiple bed locations, follow these steps:
    1. Import your AssignmentLocations.CSV file to the system using the Import function from Bulk Actions in the Manage section of the navigation bar.
    2. Click My Workflow in the navigation bar and select Manage Locations
      The Manage Locations page displays.
    3. Enter your staff assignment facility name in the Facility field and click Search
      The Location Search Result displays a list of Name, Unit (Department), and Facility for the Facility name that you entered in the search field.

      For example, the following screenshot displays a list of Name (Room), Unit (Department), and Facility information for Staff Assignment.

    4. Click Department Wide to edit the location information.
      The Edit Location page displays
    5. Click on Set Unit to select the unit that you want to set for this location.

      Note: You must follow these steps for each multiple bed location that you created.

      The Set Unit for Location page displays.

    6. Click Set Unit in the Set Unit for Location page.
    7. Choose a Unit that you want to assign to this location.
      For example, in the following screenshot there are two units; ICU and NICU and we selected NICU to unit to be assigned to this location.

    8. Click Set Unit in the set NICU as the unit for this location..