Creating a Staff Assignment Facility

Manually create a facility in the Web Console to set up Staff Assignment.

You can also import your facilities for Staff Assignment using the Bulk Actions import function available in the Web Console

The following task describes the process to create a single facility inWeb Console for configuringStaff Assignment:

  1. Select Facilities in the Manage section of the navigation bar.
    The Hospital Locations page displays.
  2. Click the Add Facility button on the top right hand corner.
    The New Facility page displays.
  3. In the General section, specify a value for the Name and Time Zone configuration fields.

    For example, the following screenshot shows a facility named "Staff Assignment Facility 1" and "Arizona" time zone value selected for the Time Zone field.

    For detailed information on other configuration fields in the New Facility page, see Adding a Facility.
  4. Click Save to save the new facility information to your system.