Assigning Staff Member using Copy and Paste

This topic describes the steps to assign a staff member using copy and paste.

To assign a staff member using copy and paste, do the following:

  1. Navigate to Staff Assignment module.
    The Staff Assignment page opens and lists the names of the staff members in the default department.
  2. In the EDIT ASSIGNMENTS tab, right click the name of the staff member that you want to copy and select Copy Assignment or select the cell and press Ctrl+C. For example, Lucie Avila.
  3. Right click on the staff member name that you want to replace the copied staff member,or select the cell and press Ctrl+V. For example, Rose Buffey.
  4. Click Paste 'Lucie Avila' from the dropdown list.
  5. The existing staff member is replaced with the copied staff member.
    For example, Rose Buffey is replaced with Lucie Avila.