Access the list of messages that are currently being processed for delivery, or are waiting to be processed, on the Vocera Platform.

Messages that display in Queues have had their delivery deferred; for example, due to a secondary/tertiary escalation path configuration or a fail-over condition.

In Queued Messages, you can view messages that have been sent, but are not yet delivered. On this page, you can identify the rule, adapter, message contents, and time to send values that were configured to send the selected message. The functionality provided in Queues allows users to refresh a selected message, or to cancel message processing if desired.

In the Vocera Platform Web Console, navigate to Status > Queues to display the Queued Messages page.

The fields in Queued Messages are described below.

Field Description
Rule Name Displays the name of the rule that triggered the message to be sent.
Adapter Displays the reference name of the adapter on which the rule is based. The adapter is selected in the rule configuration.
Message Displays the message contents.
Time to send Displays the Time to send value, which is configured in the rule that triggered the message to be sent.