Viewing Queued Message Detail

In Queues, you can select a message to view its processing details.

In the Vocera Platform Web Console, navigate to Status > Queues to display the Queued Messages page.

  1. Select a message by checking the box located on the left of the Rule Name field.
    The details for the selected message display below the entry in the Queued Messages table.
  2. View the details of the queued message fields described in the table below.
    Field Description
    Rule Displays the name of the rule that triggered the message to be sent.
    Message Displays the message contents.
    Dataset Displays the name of the dataset on which the rule was created.
    Core Object ID Displays the dataset core object ID for the message.
    Date queued Displays the date and time that the message entered the queue. In the example above, the message will be sent in one minute; it entered the queue at 15:22:08, and its configured Time to send value is 15:23:08.