Bulk Actions

Quickly perform bulk activities, such as importing or exporting bulk data to the system.

You can use the Bulk Actions in the Vocera Platform Web Console to enter a large amount of the same kind of data at a single time using a specially formatted CSV (comma-separated value) file. For example, when you first load the Vocera database, it is often faster to import data for all your users from a single CSV file, rather than creating each user individually in the Web Console

You may occasionally want to export large sets of data from the Vocera database to a CSV file, you can also perform a bulk export activity through Bulk Actions in the Web Console.

Importing Data

A CSV file lets you specify most of the information you can enter when you create an entry in the Web Console. Each line in a CSV file represents a separate database entry. Within each line, commas separate the values that qualify the entry.

For example, each line in the CSV file you use to import user data represents a single user. Within each line, commas separate the values that you would enter in the fields of the Add New User dialog box.

Exporting Data

Exporting data is useful when you want to examine all your data or make global changes that might be time consuming if you were to make these changes in the Web Console.

For example, suppose changes to the phone system caused your organization to reassign desk extensions for all users. You can export the existing user data to a CSV file, make the changes to desk extensions, and then use the update feature to replace the existing user data with the data in your CSV file.

  • Exporting data does not remove the data from the database.
  • Vocera supports numeric values in name fields. The Web Console lets you create a purely numeric name that begins with a zero, such as 012345

To import and export from the Vocera Platform Web Console, select Bulk Actions in the Manage section of the navigation bar.

Note: There is a current known issue that will allow an upload of a concatenated Personal and Business contact. Please ensure that there is one set of information per line in the CSV file.