Configuration Packages

The EMDAN solution includes configuration packages providing components that most typical Vocera Platform health care customers need. When these packages are installed, they deploy the dataset conditions, rules, adapters, templates, templated events, and workflows needed to support typical health care functionality.

The EMDAN solution comprises two sets of packages:

The core configuration package contains all dataset conditions that are not solely used by a supplemental package, all roles, and a number of adapters and workflows. The supplemental packages contain the dataset conditions, workflows, and adapters to enable functionality needed for a particular implementation, such as Alarm Notification or Basic Assignment.

Use the information provided in this section of the Vocera Platform Administration Guide to install the Vocera EMDAN solution configuration packages, which include the core solution configuration package, as well as the supplemental solution configuration packages for additional specific functionality.

In this installation process, you will upload the core solution configuration package as an XML file, any additional XML packages required for the implementation, and make configuration edits to adapters as required for the implementation. See an Administrator for additional information if needed.