Matrix of Workflows and User Roles

You can access workflows based on the roles associated with your profile in order to perform tasks in Vocera Platform Web Console.

Not all of the following workflows are available in the solution, and therefore may not be available in your facility. For example, the Staff Assignment workflows are only available when the supplemental package is installed, and must be added manually to the Administrator Menu by a Vocera Implementation Engineer.

Workflows End User Charge Nurse/Department Secretary Super User Administrator User
Message and Alert Tracking and Reporting:

Track and run reports on the delivery of messages and alerts to phones.

Find and view message and alert deliveries to a mobile device, as well as the delivery history.

  Yes Yes Yes
Assignment History:

View the assignment history.

Message Tracking:

Track the messages that you sent.

You can access the delivery history details for personal and group messages sent from your device.

Manage Quick Response Favorites:

Manage my quick response favorite preferences.

Login or Logout of a Phone:

Assign or Unassign the current user to a device.

You can log in, send a confirmation message, and log out of a device.

Manage Presence States:

Manage the Presence States available to Users

Manage User Presence:

Manage the XMPP presence of Vocera Users.

You can create, edit, and remove the presence states which are presented to XMPP device users.

Assign User To A Phone:

Assign users to a phone.

Users can assign themselves and other users to phones, and remove users from phones. By changing your own assignment to a department, you can make assignments in the other departments for which you are responsible.

Manage Configurations:

Create/remove/edit configurations for a facility.

You can define the assignment levels for alert escalation recipients, create one or more configurations using the defined assignment levels, and then associate a configuration with a facility in the network.

Manage Functional Roles:

Manage the functional roles for a facility.

You can create, edit, and remove functional roles, as well as deactivate roles, for staffing assignments.

Manage Locations:

You can create, remove, and edit locations for staff assignment.

Manage Message Quick Responses:

You can add, remove, or change pre-defined messages (quick responses) and their categories.

    Yes Yes
Manage Phones:

View the phone's current status, assign its default unit, and assign to a user.

You can manage phone information for users and default units, list disconnected phones, and view registration history.

    Yes Yes
Monitor Tech        
Manage Monitor Technician:

You can create and delete a Monitor Technician, edit the Monitor Technician's identifying number, and assign or change a Monitor Technician's phone association

Manage Monitor Assignments:

You can manage Monitor Technician assignments to patient beds.

Find Patient and View Department Census:

You can view department census, and search for detailed patient information.

User's unit only User's unit only User's unit only Access all units