The My Workflow Home Screen Layout

My Workflows displays a menu of the workflows available based on your roles and privileges.

Select My Workflow in the Vocera Platform Web Console to access the workflows, as shown in the following example.

By default, Vocera's My Workflows functionality provides access to a set of workflows for four pre-defined user roles; End User, Charge Nurse/Department Secretary, Super User, and Administrator. These default roles allow users to efficiently perform their responsibilities from the workflow menu displayed in a web browser.

Each menu is divided into two or more sections which may include the following:

The user roles and the default workflow privileges allowed for each of the four roles described in this My Workflow documentation are provided as common example configurations. Hospitals may modify the name of the "Roles" or create additional roles to reflect the structure of the facility. For example, the End User role can view their assigned unit census, while the Administrator role can create a new unit in the facility.

Note: Workflows may not be enabled in your facility's implementation; contact a System Administrator for assistance.