Viewing and Configuring Voice Service Fields

Use the fields in the Voice section to enter and view the Voice Service related information.

If the fields in this section are pre-populated with some data, you can edit this information as needed.

  1. In My Profile scroll down to the Voice section and click the drop down arrow at the right hand side to expand this section.
  2. In the Voice section, complete the fields described in the following table:
    Field Maximum Length Description

    Vocera Phone


    Specify the Vocera phone information to forward calls from your Vocera devices to the specified phone number.

    You can route calls made to this virtual extension to go to your Vocera device instead. If the Vocera Extension field is filled in, it is used for:

    • Direct dialing from smartphone keypads

    • Paging callbacks

    • Vocera hunt number access

    If you leave this field blank, smartphone users and outside callers can dial the your desk phone to be routed to the your Vocera device.

    Because the Vocera extension is a virtual phone number, you can put any number in the Vocera Extension field. If you already have a desk phone number, you can reuse that number for the Vocera Extension field but prepend a digit, such as 8, to make the number unique in the Vocera system. Vocera extensions are not constrained by fixed-length numbers for your PBX. You can also enter DID numbers for Vocera extensions.

    Dynamic Extension


    As Vocera assigns dynamic extensions, they appear in this read-only field. Because dynamic extensions are assigned on-demand, this field may be empty even after the dynamic extensions feature is enabled. Similarly, this field may continue to display an expired number that has not been reassigned; you can keep the number as long as it is available.

    PIN for Long Distance Calls


    Allows an organization to authorize or account for telephone usage and to distribute telephone costs among different users, departments, or facilities.

    A PIN template can include digits, special characters, and PIN macros.

    Device ID


    Enter the MAC address of the device. This is available on the device's Info menu. The MAC address of a device is also printed near the bottom of the white label under the battery.

    For Vocera devices, this field is automatically populated when you enter a valid value in the Serial Number field; the last 6 digits of the serial number and the MAC address are identical. For Vocera Smartphones, remove the battery door and then the battery, and then enter the MAC address and serial number listed on the back of the phone.

    Enable Access Anywhere


    Allows you to access the Vocera Genie from a standard telephone to perform Vocera functions other than basic calling. For example, you can phone the Vocera Direct Access number, and say a command to the Genie to broadcast a message to a group or play your messages.

    If this feature is disabled for you, contact your system administration for information on enabling this feature and further guidelines.

    Phone Password


    Specify the password used to authenticate the user when accessing the Vocera Genie from a phone.

    The Phone Password must be five to 25 characters consisting of letters or numbers. Special characters are not allowed.

    Repeat Phone Password


    Re-enter the password that you entered in the Phone Password field.

  3. Select one of the following:
    • Save — to save your changes.
    • Cancel — to exit the Contact Information section without saving any changes.