Viewing Group Membership

Use the fields in the Group Membership section to view your group membership information.

  1. In My Profile scroll down to the Group Membership section and click the drop down arrow at the right hand side to expand this section.
  2. In the Group Membership section, view groups for which you have a membership.
    Note: The values in the Group Name and Facilities fields are greyed out to indicate that you cannot change them. Only the Vocera System Administrator can change the name of a group or the facility information.
  3. (Optional) Click Add Group to display the Select Group dialog box.
    The Select Group dialog box displays a list of Groups and Facilities that you add yourself to. If you add yourself to a group in a specific facility, click Save on the top right hand corner of the My Profile to make sure that your changes are saved in the system.
    1. Select a group name from the list of groups displayed.
    2. Click Select Groups or Cancel to close the dialog.
  4. In the Conference Group this user is a member of field, view the names of the Conference Groups to which you belong.
    You can only belong to one conference at a time even if you are a member of multiple groups.