Joining a Database Cluster

After you add a node to the cluster, you must ensure that it joins the cluster.

Before a node joins the cluster, you must enable clustering. For information on enabling clustering, see Enabling Clustering on a Standalone Server
To join a node to the cluster:
  1. Open a new browser and log in to the Web Console for your slave node.
  2. Navigate to the Settings section in the navigation bar and click High Availability.
  3. Click Edit.
    You will notice that the clustering configuration is set to Standalone.

  4. Click the Join radio button in the Configuration settings.
  5. Enter or paste the authentication token in the token field. For more information on authentication code, see Enabling Clustering on a Standalone Server.
  6. In the Details section, enter the following details:
    1. Enter the VIP or the Active (Master) node's PIP into the IP Address field.
      Note: The Slave nodes associated with the Master automatically populate in the Nodes field when the VIP or the PIP of the Master node is entered in the IP Address field.
    2. Enter the Master node's Authentication Token for the VIP or PIP.

  7. Click Submit to save your changes to the system.
  8. Launch the master node's Web Console on a separate browser.
  9. Navigate to Database Cluster in Status section of the navigation bar.
  10. Select the slave node and click Repair Database.