Installed Software

After your installation is complete, use the Installed Software page to see the full list of software that is installed on your system.

To view the Installed Software home page, navigate to Installed Software in the Settings section of the menus.

The Installed Software page displays the following information:

Field Description

Software Name

The name of the software component installed on your system. Names that begin with "vocera", "voice-server", and "extension" identify components developed by Vocera. Other names are typically open source 3rd-party components, or components provided by Red Hat.

Installed Version

The version number of the software component.

Latest Version

The number of most recent version found in Vocera's repository; if no value appears in this column, you have the most recent version. When a version number appears in this column, that version of the component has been tested and approved by Vocera; you may optionally contact Vocera Customer Support to determine if you should upgrade that component.

Use the View License Details button in the Action bar to display information about your platform license. This button is a shortcut to the Platform page. See Platform License for information about the content of this page.