Importing Data to the System

Quickly upload bulk data to the system using pre-defined templates and import bulk data to the system.

  1. Select Bulk Actions in the Manage section.
    The Bulk Actions page displays.
  2. In the Import section, click on Download a template.

    The data import templates are in Microsoft Excel format. Use these templates to enter the data you want to load, then save them in CSV format.

    A pop-up displays with a list of available data import templates.

  3. Select the template that you want from the Data Import Templates list.

    You can use choose one of the following template types:

    Type of Data Template
    Facilities Facilities-template.CSV
    Groups Groups-template.CSV
    Users Users-template.CSV
    Group Members GroupMembers-template.CSV
    Access Point Locations AccessPointLocations-template.CSV
    Access Points AccessPoints-template.CSV
    Contacts Contact-template.CSV
    Beds Beds-template.CSV
    Devices Devices-template.CSV
    Assignment Locations AssignmentLocations-template.CSV
    Assignment Roles AssignmentRoles.CSV
    Templates Templates-templates.CSV
    Template Sharing TemplateSharing.CSV
    Template Selected Group TemplateSelectedGroup-template.CSV
  4. Click on the download icon next to the template that you want to download.

    The selected data import template Microsoft Excel CSV file is downloaded to the download folder on your computer.

  5. Open the downloaded CSV file in a supported application (for example, Microsoft Excel) and update the information.
  6. Click Browse to locate your updated CSV file on your computer and upload it to the system. You can also drag and drop the file from your desktop.
    The following screenshot shows a TemplateSharing.CSV file uploaded from a computer.

    The Import button activates only after you drag and drop or upload a CSV file in the Browse field.

  7. Click Import to import the uploaded CSV file to the system.
    The system validates the imported file and displays a Validation Result with the information on the fields processed through the import action.