Designating Group Types

Assigning a group type to a group allows organizing multiple groups and group memberships for voice call flows and other related voice features.

You can designate a group as an ordinary group, a department group, or a subdepartment group in the Vocera Platform Web Console. You can designate a group as an ordinary group, a department group, or a subdepartment group using the Group Type field in the console when you create a group. All groups that are not designated as a department or subdepartment in the Group Type field in the Add New Group page are ordinary groups by default.

Department Group

A department group, also known as a department, is a group that corresponds to a department within the organization using the Vocera system. By designating a group as a department, you provide accounting features and speech recognition enhancements that are not available to other Vocera groups.

For example, suppose the Midtown Medical Center has units such as ICU, Pediatrics, and Radiology. If your Vocera configuration has corresponding groups, it makes sense to designate those groups as departments. Users at Midtown Medical Center can then take advantage of the extended accounting and speech recognition features of these Vocera departments.

Sub-department Group

A Subdepartment group type is a subgroup of a Department group. Members of a subdepartment are also assigned to the parent department group for department specific calling feature.

Subdepartment groups, like department groups, are intended to be relatively static. That is, members should not be dynamically assigned to a subdepartment. Only groups that are directly contained within an existing department or subdepartment should have their Group Type field set to subdepartment. You can create multiple levels of nested subdepartment groups within a department.

A subdepartment must be a member of a single parent department. You cannot make the same subdepartment group as a member of multiple departments.