Failing Over and Restarting Voice Cluster

Learn how to perform a failover or restart the voice cluster.

Before you begin the voice cluster management through the Vocera Platform Web Console, you must configure the required network settings as described in the Editing Network Settings.

You can use Voice Cluster in the Status section of the Web Console to failover and restart the current master cluster.

To failover and restart the cluster:

  1. Navigate to Status and click Voice Cluster to display the Voice Cluster Status page.
  2. Click on the Active node drop down to display the node status screen.
  3. Click Force Restart to failover the cluster management from the current Active node to the Standby node.
    For example, if the Active node is, clicking Force Restart will fail over this node to the Standby node

    The system updates dynamically and the Standby node ( is displayed as the new Active node.

    Wait a few minutes to allow the system to finish the restore process.

    The previous Active node's status changes to Restoring, and finally to Standby state.