Enabling Code Lavender

You can enable Code Lavender feature for a Facility in your system.

  1. Click Facilities in the Manage section.
  2. Click Add Facility button to add a new facility, or choose an existing Facility from the list and click Edit Facility.
    Tip: If you have a long list of facilities in your system, the Search bar can help you find a facility name quickly. As you type a name, the search finds the closest match to the facility name that you entered.
  3. Select the Enable Code Lavender checkbox in the General section of the Edit Facility page or New Facility page (if you are adding a new facility).
    As soon as you select the Enable Code Lavender checkbox, the system will display an an option to choose a Code Lavender Broadcast Group.

  4. Click Find Group to choose a Code Lavender Broadcast Group from the Find a Group dialog box.
  5. Click Save.
After the Code Lavender feature is enabled, you can initiate a Code Lavender broadcast call or schedule a Code Lavender call on your device, see the supported Device User Guide on the Vocera Devices page for more information.