Enabling Clustering on a Standalone Server

You can enable clustering on a standalone server from the Vocera Platform Web Console.

Vocera Platform is configured as a standalone node when clustering is disabled.

To initiate clustering in a standalone configuration:

  1. Log in to the Web Console of your Vocera Platform master node.
  2. Navigate to the Settings section in the navigation bar and click High Availability.
  3. Click Edit to display the configuration information.
    The high availability configuration page displays.

    If your system is not a node in a cluster, you will notice that the clustering configuration is set to Standalone

  4. Select the Create radio button to create a cluster.
  5. Enter the Virtual IP (VIP) address in the IP Address field in the Details section.
    The system automatically generates the Authentication Token, once the IP Address field is populated.

  6. Copy the authentication code.
  7. Click Add Node and enter the IP address for the standby (slave) node.
    Remember: The recommended best practice is to add all known necessary nodes when you create the cluster.
  8. Select one of the following to exit the configuration section:
    • Submit — to save changes and initiate cluster set up process.
    • Reset — to undo any recent changes to the configuration fields.
    • Cancel — to exit the cluster node configuration in a standalone state.
What to do next:

Enabling clustering is a two step process. After setting up the master node configuration, you must perform the configuration tasks on the slave node and allow it to join the cluster. For more information, see Joining a Database Cluster.