About Emergency Broadcast

Emergency broadcast is a scalable emergency notification feature that you can set at the facility or group level in the Vocera Platform Web Console.

Emergency broadcasts are initiated on the Vocera device when you click the Call button on your Vocera device twice. You can also initiate an emergency broadcast from the Vocera Collaboration Suite on your cell phone. When an emergency broadcast is triggered, everyone in the group hears the caller immediately—no speech recognition or Genie interactions are necessary.

Emergency Broadcast at the Facility Level

You can designate an existing group in a facility as the emergency broadcast target group, or add specific members to a group utilizing it as the emergency broadcast target. Each facility can have only one emergency broadcast target group.

Emergency Broadcast at the Group Level

You can designate an existing group as the emergency target, or add specific members to a group which can be used as the emergency responders. However, at the group level, you can have multiple emergency broadcast target groups, each one designated to a different emergency broadcast initiating group.

Default Behavior

If a user is not a member of a group that has a designated emergency broadcast target group, an emergency broadcast is delivered to the facility level emergency target group (if configured). In addition, If an emergency broadcast group is not designated at the facility or group level, the default behavior is to use the emergency broadcast target group set at the Global facility.

If the emergency broadcast initiator triggers a facility-level emergency, it will preempt or cut through any members already receiving a group emergency broadcast.

You cannot designate the Everyone and Everyone Everywhere group as an emergency broadcast group.