Device Monitor

View and monitor the status of devices and users logged into your system.

You can use the Device Monitor in Vocera Platform Web Console to periodically monitor the status of devices and other useful information.

The Refresh Results button on the top left hand corner of the Device Monitor page allows you to refresh the information displayed in the All Logged In Devices section. If you prefer to set an automatic page refresh, you can use the Refresh Interval field at the bottom of the Device Monitor page to set a refresh time interval (in seconds). You can also use the Upload Logs button on the top left hand corner of the Device Monitor page to upload device diagnostic data to the system. For more information on tasks you can perform from the Device Monitor page, see Working With Device Monitor.

System administrators, system device managers, and system group managers can utilize the Device Monitor functions to monitor and manage devices. See Device Management Roles to learn more about these roles.

To view all logged in devices in your system, select Device Monitor in the Status section of the navigation bar. The Device Monitor page displays with a list of devices and related information.

You can view the following information about all logged in devices and users:



Full Name

Displays the names of all users who are currently logged in.

Device Type

Displays the type of device the user is currently using.

IP Address

Displays the network address of the device. If the network address is assigned dynamically through the DHCP server, the IP address can change as the user moves between access points.

Call Status

Displays the call status. If the user is in an active call, call status is displayed. If the device is idle, an inactive status is displayed. If the user is doing any activity that requires the Genie, such as saying a voice command, listening to message, or recording a name or greeting, the Call Status displays Genie.

Call Status also reveals the following forwarding status:
  • Forwarding Offline — calls are being forwarded for an offline user.
  • Forwarding Unanswered — calls are being forwarded when the user does not answer.
  • Forwarding All — all calls are being forwarded for the user.


Displays DND if the user has put the device in Do Not Disturb mode, or Hold if the user has placed a call on hold. Otherwise, this field is blank.


Displays the name of the location of the access point to which the user is currently connected. If a location name was not assigned, the field shows the access point's MAC address.

Current Facility

Displays the name of the facility where the user is currently logged in.