The Assignment Roles Template

The Assignment Roles template (AssignmentRoles-template.CSV) lets you add role assignments.

All the users and the groups must already exist in the database; the template does not create them. If a row in this data-loading template references one of those entities, and that entity does not exist, the row causes a validation error and does not load. Any other rows that successfully validate load properly.

The following table describes the fields names, maximum length for fields names, and a brief description of the fields.

Field Maximum Length Description



Enter the name of a functional role for staff assignment.

For example, Charge Nurse is a functional role.



Enter an abbreviation used for the assignment role.

For example, CN could be an abbreviation for Charge Nurse.



Enter the name of the Facility for thie assignment role.

The name must start with a letter or digit. It must contain only letters, digits, spaces, apostrophes ('), underscores (_), or dashes (-). No other characters are allowed.



Specifies ordinal number for sorting roles.

Active Flag


Indicates if active, specify True or False to indicate if active.