The Access Points Template

The Access Points template (AccessPoints-template.csv) lets you create associate the name of a Vocera facility with the MAC address of your access points.

The following table describes the fields names, maximum length for fields names, and a brief description of the fields.


Maximum Length


Location Name


Enter the name of a location that already exists.

To qualify a location by specifying its facility, use a colon to separate the value from the facility name (LocationName:FacilityName). If you do not specify a facility name, the Global facility is used by default.

Mac Address


Enter the MAC address (12 hexadecimal characters) of the access point that you want to assign to this location.

To specify a range of MAC addresses that have the same first 11 characters, enter "0" for the 12th character. The "0" character is treated as a wildcard only in the 12th character of the MAC address.



Enter the name of the facility in for this access point.

The name must start with a letter or digit. It must contain only letters, digits, spaces, apostrophes ('), underscores (_), or dashes (-). No other characters are allowed.

By default, the speech recognition system uses the name you enter to recognize facilities. If users refer to a facility by something other than the name you enter here, enter that name in the Alternate Spoken Name field.

If you change the name of a facility that has a Vocera SIP Telephony Gateway associated with it, you must set the value of the VOCERA_FACILITY environment variable on the telephony server machine to the name of the new facility.