Configuring System Date and Time

Manually configure the system level date and time values.

The network time protocol (NTP) address field in the Network Settings section automatically sets the system's clock. In the event that the clock is wrong and NTP is unable to correct it, you can use the Date/Time Configuration to correct the clock.

  1. Navigate to Network Settings in the Settings section of the navigation bar.

    The Network Configuration page displays.

  2. Click Date/Time Configuration on the right hand corner.

    The Date/Time Configuration page displays.

  3. Click on the dropdown arrow next to a field to display a list of available values.
  4. Select a value for the Hour, Minute, Second, Day, Month, and Year fields as needed.
  5. Select one of the following to exit the Date/Time Configuration page:
    • Apply — to save the selected values and return to the Network Configuration page.
    • Cancel — to exit the Date/Time Configuration page without saving any changes.