Searching Audit Log Events

The Search field provides the ability to search the Audit Log entries, utilizing Postgres full text searching against the following audit event table columns: Statement, Event Code, Parameters, Node IP.

The following parameters apply to the search functionality:
  • Text search is case insensitive, and the order of multiple search terms is not considered.
  • Prefixes are included in both alphabetic and numeric search. Suffixes are not included in any search.
  • Punctuation and special characters are ignored in searches. When a special character is surrounded by characters in a word, then the special character will split the word because it is ignored by the search engine.
  1. Enter the search term in the Search field.
    The Audit Log entries in the scrollable list are restricted to display only entries that match the search criteria.
  2. Utilize the following examples to work with the Audit Log search capability.
    Condition Search String Result Examples
    Text Case error log error log, log error, Error Log
    Numeric Order 36 36, 366, 36xx
    Alpha Order error log error log, log error, error, log
    Numeric Prefix 36 36, 366, 36xx
    Alpha Prefix Rsynch Rsynch3, rsynchxxx
    Alpha Suffix failed fail, failed
    Special Characters to night To*night (string will break at the special character), to night

    Special Characters (including punctuation)

    $, ?, & (no results returned)
  3. Clear the Search field, and all entries are displayed in the Audit Log event list.