Filtering Audit Events for Vocera Analytics

Filter Data Export related events from going into the Audit database, and write them to the Audit debug log instead, to reduce the volume of logging in Audit.

After installing Vocera Data Export Adapter rules for Vocera Analytics, the volume of Audit events increases dramatically. This increase in the volume of Audit events at a medium or large facility may cause the Audit database to be unusable and increase the risk of performance issues.

Filters are stored in the configuration property files used by Audit. Filters can also be used to filter other Audit events, not just those related to Vocera Analytics.

Note: The default filter configuration should be sufficient to filter out the large volume of events generated by Vocera Data Export Adapter rules.

When Audit events arrive at the Event Manager in the Audit process, the Event Manager will determine if the event matches any filter and write it to the debug log instead of storing it or sending notifications. If the event matches a filter, the event will be written to the debug log at INFO level in its raw JSON form prepended with Filtered.