Viewing Audit Log Pagination Results

Page through the audit event list, and see the number of page results, the database being viewed, and the components selected for view. You can also capture the URL of the current database view to share with other users.

  1. In Audit Log, view the status information in the footer.
  2. Use the details provided in the following table to understand the status information provided in the footer.
    Field Description
    Paging Options

    Use the provided buttons to access the pages of event logs.

    Page access options are as follows: First, Previous, numbered pages, Next, Last.

    Results Lists the number of pages of log entries available, and identifies the page currently viewed.
    Database Displays the name of the database currently accessed.
    Generate URL Click Generate URL to copy the URL if you wish to share the configured settings display.
    Components List of components that the user has selected for viewing. By default, all components are viewed.