Filtering Audit Log Events by Date Range

A date range filter can be applied to the Audit Log entries to display only the entries logged within a specified date range.

The Audit Log entries automatically filter and display based on the range entered. The search can be filtered further by selecting a time frame within the date range. Use of these features will allow a more focused search result within the specified date range.

  1. Place the cursor within the field labeled Fom: to select a date range.
    The calendar drop-down utility displays.
  2. Select the date from the calendar on which you want your date range filter to begin.
  3. To further refine the results of the search, use the slide bars to the right of Hour, Minute, and Second. These bars can be used alone or in combination with one another.
  4. Place the mouse within the date range field labeled To: and repeat the calendar actions to complete the date range.
  5. Clear the date range fields after filtering, and all entries are displayed again.