Working with General Settings

The Audit Log's General settings tab allows you to configure the number of results to display, upload a list of event codes into the system, or request the latest event codes.

  1. Navigate to the Audit Log configuration dialog as described in Accessing the Audit Log Configuration Settings.
  2. Select a value from the Number of Results drop-down menu. You can select to display as few as 10 results or up to 1000 results in the Audit Log display.
    The Audit Log section limits the number of logs displayed in the current view to the selected number.
  3. Browse to a list or set of event codes to be incorporated into the system in Bulk Import Event Codes, and then click Import Event Codes.
    Warning: This operation will overwrite the current configuration. Contact Vocera Support if you have questions about this feature.
  4. Select Retrieve Event Codes to submit a request to download the latest event codes from the Vocera Support Server.
  5. Select Close to exit the configuration dialog.
    The Audit Log section displays.