Configuring Syslog Settings

Audit log events can be written directly to the facility's system.

Syslog is a standard for logging system messages. By utilizing the Syslog feature in Vocera Platform, a facility can choose to have Audit Log events written directly into their own Syslog.

  1. Select Syslog in the Destinations section navigation.
    The configuration fields display.
  2. Supply the following information in the Syslog section to enable writing to your system.
    Required Setting Description
    syslog Host This field contains the IP address or DNS name of the device where the syslog is located.
    syslog Port This field contains the Port number of the device where the syslog is located, usually 514.
  3. Select one of the following options once the required fields have been filled out.
    • Click Save syslog Configuration at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.
    • Select Reset Values to clear the fields without saving any configuration details.
    • In order to test the syslog configuration, select Test Destinations in the left navigation tabs.