Audit Log

View and manage system event messages on the Vocera Platform in Audit Log.

Auditing provides a means of recording events which indicate problems in the system's setup or stability. Events may also be useful to an administrator or support personnel in determining a sequence of events during processing.

Commonly audited information may be the success or failure of rule processing, incoming messages from a remote system (except responses) that are being processed by an adapter, failures while processing an incoming message, success or failure in connecting to a remote system as well as lost connections, and success or failure when opening and closing the firewall ports.

Vocera Platform treats all audit log event codes as new in an upgrade, and audit log event codes previously turned off may be turned on. Please make a note of all audit log event codes prior to upgrading, as this has a potential impact to clients.

Using Audit Log in the Vocera Platform Web Console, you can search and view audit event messages, and manage the Audit Log configuration settings. Tools are provided in the toolbar to filter the events displayed in Audit Log in order to narrow the focus to an area of interest. Information about the source and quantity of the displayed event logs is available below the Audit Log grid. By default, Audit Log displays the latest audit events in descending time order without any filtering.

Audit Log data is not stored locally; the display refreshes periodically (every 3 seconds) with the selected results, filtering, or ordering information. Users can pause the refresh in order to view the results on the page; retrieval is automatically paused if the user is viewing a page of results other than the first page.