About the Vocera Platform

The Vocera Platform optimizes patient safety by helping clinicians make real-time decisions and communicate instantly in critical situations; it is the intelligent ecosystem that connects all the people and information needed to deliver patient care.

With the intelligence of the Vocera Platform, clinicians can quickly determine what to prioritize next and close the loop faster with secure messaging, phone calls, and alert and alarm notifications--all in one place. You can locate people quickly, collaborate productively, and reduce the noise, using the device that fits your workflow--the Vocera Vina smartphone app, the V-Series Smartbadge, or the B-Series Badge. The Vocera Platform enables the flow of meaningful, actionable information between people and systems and allows it to be received when, where, and how it’s needed, keeping the patient at the center of care.

In addition, the Vocera Platform now offers simplified deployment, maintenance, and administration, as well as a smaller footprint requiring fewer servers.