Adding Toll Exceptions

Use the Telephony-Toll Exceptions section to add an entry to the list of exceptions.You can create toll exceptions for an entire area code, for a specific exchange, and for a range of numbers in an area code.

To create an exception for an entire area code:

  1. Navigate to the Telephony-Toll Exceptions section in the Add/Edit Facility page.
  2. Click Add Exception button to display the Add Toll Exception dialog box.
  3. Enter the area code the exception applies to in the Area Code field.
    Enter toll-free prefixes such as 800 and 888, as well as any area codes (such as 04 in Australia) that are toll-free in your dialing area.
  4. In the Match section, choose one of the following options to define the range of DID numbers:
    • Choose All Numbers in Area Code to use the entire range of numbers represented by the value in the Area Code field.

      For example, If you add an 800 number in the Area Code field, an 800 prefix appears as a toll-free prefix in the list on the Toll Info page.

    • Choose Numbers Starting With and enter the exchange in the associated field.

      For example, if you want to specify that calls to the 427 exchange in your local 408 area code are toll calls, you can enter 408 in the Area Code field, select.Numbers starting with field and enter 427 in the associated field. Uncheck the Toll-Free field and click Done. The 427 exchange will appear as a toll exchange in the list on the Toll Info page.

    • Choose Numbers in Range
  5. Select the Toll-Free field to specify a toll-free area code.
    Clear the Toll-Free field if you want the area code with toll.
  6. Click Done to add your entry to the list and close the dialog box.